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Location: Khivalon province, Dusk Retreat
Biome: Temperate Grassland

Temperature: Warm

Vegetation: Grasses, trees
Population: 1

1 adult

Paint color and theme: Red and white. Skull themed.


Solar Stag, Ivorysteppe, Shiverfall, Whispervale, Flamegarde, Meteor

Cattle size:  1

Jarl Fjordor ♂

Rifle / 8 years

Black with red half-points and mask

Partner: Vaja †
Offspring: Fjara, Lika, Verja




Tribe Description

In the land between tribes, there lies a small place that always welcomes the weary traveller.

For a long time, this land was home to just one male, Jarl Fjordor. He had spent many years in Aedra, going through trials and tribulations in his life. Although he was alone, he found a new purpose with Midnightgarde, being a place for anyone to rest and heal, both physically and mentally.

Fjordor has earned himself a respectful reputation among allies and their allies, for being fair and helpful.

Some years later his loneliness would fade as Ferah and Kargo joined his tribe.

The village grew and plans to form the tribe into a cattle trading business were made.

But the hopes for a better future for the tribe was cut short when Fjordor lost both of his members due to Kargo's crimes against the capital. Fjordor is now once again the lone Jarl.

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