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The Sky Gods has been added under Lore & Mythology

Ulvsbane Tribe has been added under Tribes


Bloodline updated on Rogio and Iberón.


New breed, Rabisu, added under Canines and Felines. 2 new base coats added to Genetics (details TBA).


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Year 0030 / Jól Máni / Winter

calendarDay 10.png

1st - Day

Keirr visits MT
Highland Guild visit Ivorysteppe Tribe
Argeirr is saved by Jahla

Rogio opens up to Roamer

2nd - Day

Rogio leaves for the north

4th - Day

Ferah's Rite of Passage
Ranach on hunt with Iberón

Ranach sleeps with Koegos
5th - Day

Rogio crossing the ice bridge

Highland Guild visits Lowglade Tribe

8th - Day

Rogio reaches the spirit

Kargo comes back to life
Felidae and Ferah hunt together

Rhov finds out about Jahla

Kargo & Rogio at Ulvsbane Pride

9th - Day

Ranach goes on raid
Iberón reveals his past

Rhov sees Jahla, and they break up

11th - Day

Rogio & Kargo talk to pride members

Máni- Moon

Month 1: Veidr - Hunted

Month 2: Drepa- Murder

Month 3: Sárr- Wounded

Month 4: Húsl- Sacrifice

Month 5: Heilagr- Sacred

Month 6: Hjord- Herding

Month 7: Lae- Misfortune

Month 8: Hennar- Hers (half month)

Month 9:  Jól- Yule

Month 10: Draugr- Undead

Month 11: Preya- Love longing

Month 12: Vaettr- Supernatural creature

Month 13: Taela- Betray

Month 14: Hans- His

Month 15: Jord- Earth


# hours in a day: 21

# days in a month: 19 / Half-month: 8

# of months: 15

# days in a year: 274