Known ghouls & broken curses

A list of ghouls where their true identity has been revealed and characters that have had their curse broken.



Savas was a loyal member of the Meteor Tribe, and brother of Ranach.

The ghoul of Savas can be recognized by the two major stab wounds visible on his face and throat that constantly bleeds as if they
were just made.

Killed by Kargo.



Ghoul Zilas first appeared to his adopted brother Keirr while he was on guard duty during a bad storm at Whispervale Tribe.

He can be recognized by the three deep slash wounds across his throat.

Killed by Meteor Tribe members.


Broken curses


Aira was born with very weak ligaments. Her pasterns and hocks are heavily angled and she often struggle to support her own weight.

She was bullied and pushed around due to her weakness and appearance.

To fight back, Aira contacted Sterkr, the Spirit of Strength.

She was turned into a large beast, a mix between canine and feline, and while her mental state remained intact,

she could no longer speak in words.

The script on the runestone made her believe that she could break the curse through murder, and so, began to kill anyone she encountered. But decades passed and she remained the same.

One day as she was hunting a Nova antelope, she ran into Kargo, Roamer and Ferah.

Kargo managed to kill her, and her curse was then broken.

When she woke up, she was back in the state she was in before she made the deal with the spirit.