Knowing herbs and their various uses is more than just a hobby in the world of Aedra.
Mixtures of herbs can be used for various things, and can sometimes even aid in life or death.

Grey Bark

Also known as pulsating/healing bark. Collected from certain grey trees in the northern parts of Aedra. When placed on top of a wound, the bark will close it up. Blooms once a year for a few months at a time. 

Rarity: Very Common

Biomes: Can be found in all biomes provided that the ground is fertile.

Blue Lichen

Stringy, trailing vines with blue leaves. Grows on some trees, both the trunk and branches, and cave walls. Leaves can be ground down to heal and remove scars.

Rarity: Very Common

Biomes: All but Far North and Coasts


Beina Flower.png

Sól Flower

Small blue flowers used for medicinal purposes. Can aid in digestion and minor skin rashes.

Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Can be found in hot biomes, especially on the coast where the plant can get a lot of exposure to the sun.


Drawn by Cobaltopia

'She Flowers'

Bikkja Flower

Small white flowers believed to aid in reproduction. A female may eat these flowers as well as the stem before mating to increase the chances of producing a litter. 

Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Can be found in hot biomes

'Calm, Peaceful'

Kyrr Flower.png

Kyrr Flower

This purple flower grows in dense clusters and is known for its calming and relaxing aroma. May aid anxiety, stress, or even sleep to a small degree. May be burned with another herb and inhaled to aid  breathing. 

Rarity: Common

Biomes: All biomes


Elding Root

Also known as Lightning Root. Indicated by a blue flower, these white roots give energy and heighten alertness. They are most potent when heated and chewed, and act as a catalyst when combined with other herbs, helping treatments act faster as it gets the blood pumping. 

Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Can be found in temperate biomes, prefers lots of water and shade


Bjellra Flower

Red flower with black stripes, has 2 blossoms on each stem. Blossoms grow upwards, producing a gel-like substance in their centers. The weight of the gel eventually causes the flowers to fold over into their distinct bell shape, at which point the gel can no longer be harvested. The gel can be used topically to prevent or heal external infection while the petals may be eaten raw or otherwise for internal infections. 

Rarity: Rare

Biomes: Temperate, doesn't do well in extreme heat or cold, doesn't need much water

'Fire, Bonfire, Pyre'

Bal Flower

Also known as Fire Flower. A rare flower that blooms at high altitudes in the north, it is distinguished by it's deep red and blue coloration. A single petal may be steeped in hot water to create a tonic that makes one feel tipsy, while consuming pieces of the plant raw will induce vomiting. In moderation, this can be helpful to those who have ingested things they shouldn't have, but too much will lead to severe internal damage and even death. May also be used as a last resort to fight the most severe illnesses.

Rarity: Very Rare

Biomes: Northern biomes at high altitudes