Track List

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Prologue & Chapter 1 The First Night

“They came from the sky”  August Wilhelmsson / pages 1-4

Father returns to the pack of Asmundr.

“Further up, further in”  Tony Anderson / pages 10-12

The young generation leaves to explore their new world.

“Leaving Earth”  Audiofire Studios / pages 24-27

True nature of island Aedra is revealed.

Chapter 3 Light A Fire

“Atomic damage”  Epic North / page 84-87
Ferah tells the story of the first rebellion against the Meteor Tribe.

Chapter 4 Ashes

“Play with me”  The Album Leaf / page 90-92
Kargo and Roamer has a snowball fight.
“The Ancient One” Really Slow Motion / 118-124
Beast Aira arrives.

Chapter 5 Void

“Annihilation”  Arn Andersson / pages 127-131
Zilas is found. Roamer and Kargo split up.

“Protectors”  Epic Score / pages 144-146
Roamer runs with Kainan.

“The Elven Dance”  Caratacus/ pages 164-166
Will-o'-the-wisp leads Rogio and Roamer to each other.
“The last ember”  Audiomachine / pages 173-177
Rogio and Roamer frees Kargo and Ferah.
“Red sorrow”  Audiomachine / pages 179-182
Ranach leaves Rogio to the ghouls.
“Living in castles”  Sons Of Pythagoras / pages 183-186
The rebels leaves the north, Asmundr pack and Jahla vanishes.

Chapter 6 Recovery

“The river sings”  Enya / pages 201-203
Jahla walks in on Akiulfr's dancing.
“Forest of the wolves”  Peter Crowley / pages 218-224
Kargo and the rest goes out to hunt. Jahla joins the  “Great Wolf Run”.
“Alone in the dark”  Stefan Grossmann / pages 229-231
Ranach visits the spirit Eigfeigr.

Chapter 7 Forced Path

“Nazca”  Mark Petrie / pages 267-272
Keirr stops Aira from offering herself to spirit Sterkr.
“The Arctic Warrior” Gregory Muzyn / pages 294-297
Ronja bares her fangs to Ranach.
“Saturn Instrumental” Sleeping At Last / pages 298-301
Keirr and Aira arrive at Whispervale tribe, Rogio collapses, Ronja breaks down in tears.

Chapter 8 Insight

“Stormfarer” Colossal Trailer Music / pages 329-335

Keirr and Aira participate in the Rite of Passage.

"Try Again" Miranda Dodson / pages 340-343

Roamer and Rogio bond at the campfire.

"Reunited" AudioMachine / pages 348-350

Roamer is reunited with Ronja.

Chapter 9 Verge

“Fortitude” HAEVN / pages 376-379

Roamer returns to Rogio

"Reveal The Path" Where the good way lies / pages 382-384

Roamer and Rogio swim at the lake.

"Face of the Father" Tony Anderson / pages 397-398

Jahla and Thakir talk about Father.

"Bound By Blood" Revolt Production / pages 408-411

Roamer, Fremja and Fúss search for Ranach.

"Protect and Defend" Audiomachine / pages 422-424

MT goes outside to search for Ranach.

"Silent Killer" Hybrid Core Music / pages 426-427

Ranach kills Ulfr.

"Walk Alone" Fearless Motivation Music / pages 431-434

Funeral of Fúss and Jonna.

"Fateful Reunion" Adrian von Ziegler / pages 435-438

Jahla meets the Matriarch.

Chapter 10 Light in the Dark

"Stun Gun" Jackdaw Factory / pages 452-454

Kargo fights a bear.

"Roses" Danny Rayel / pages 460-461

Jahla meets Folluin.

"The Highlands" Marcus Warner / page 469

Rhov is introduced to Shiverfall Tribe.

"Touch" Artem Yegorov / pages 475-477

Kargo and Ferah leave Midnightgarde.

"Flight of the Silverbird" Two Steps From Hell/ pages 485-489

Rhov hunts with Shiverfall.

"Ashes of Memories" Giovanni Puocci / pages 515-517

Keirr encounters the ghoul of Zilas.

"Disturbed" Martin E.Insaurgarat / pages 520-523

Kargo attacks Rogio.

"Memento" Jo Blankenburg / pages 524-525

Kargo breaks down.
"Into The Light" Brand X Music / pages 528-529

Zilas is put to rest.

"Cold" Novo Amor / pages 540

Kargo watches Roamer and Rogio dance.

"Sentenced to Death" Colossal Trailer Music / pages 542-548

Ranach and Ávanti attacks Meteor Tribe.

"The Rising" Fearless Motivation Instrumentals / pages 552-555

Chapter Finale.

Chapter 11 Reborn

"Saga" Niklas Ahlstedt / page 556

Ronja's pups are born.

"Army of Strings" IMAscore / page 593-596

Romé helps Jahla.
"Once Upon A Time" Adrian von Ziegler / page 597-599

Jahla reveals her howl to Romé.

"A Matter of Honor" Bruce Fingers & Billie Ray Fingers / page 603-604

Southspear raids a wagon.

"Ancient Kings" Tony Gram / page 616-620
Jahla and Ronja attend Tinget.

"Mission's Jig" Faolan

bonus page feat. Jahla,Romé, Rogio, Ronja

"Walk of Hope" Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen / Page 637-639

Fraujar visits MT

"Skogsraah" Glen Gabriel / Page 643-646

Chapter Finale

Chapter 12 Clarity

"Where It Stays" Charlotte OC / pages 661-662

Roamer and Rogio make love

"An Toll Dubh" Marcus Warner / pages 667-669

Ferah performs the Right of Passage

"But We Can Fight" David Chappell / pages 689-691

Rogio battles the Marghoul

"Serotonin" Elephant Music / pages 698-699

Ferah and Felidae hunts hares

"When We Were Young"